Off the cuff

‘Look like the innocent flower, but the serpent under thee’- Macbeth

All that glitters is not gold, an age old idiom that rings so true in adulthood. This idiom is best described in the infamous, but rather boring (according to me!) school set-book, Macbeth. Here the main theme is appearance versus reality. With our everyday lives we experience this theme but shrug it off thinking, but…

What to do when you not well to do

This phrase meant nothing in my youth and was commonly dished out upon inquiring why our social status did not match up to others.

Matric Farewell mayhem: merry matriculants, miserable parents

Shops have hiked up their prices on dresses and suits, cars are being ironed, shined and redesigned, hairdressers are up to their noses in bookings and all this and more signals the merry/miserable home coming of the Matric Farewell 2015. Why merry/miserable you may ask? Its simple, the pick-and-pay theory applies for this case. Matriculants…

Hate them or love them, receptions are here to stay

In recent weeks, the heightened noise levels and even the rampant litter or dumping levels have been highlighted. Now it is always good to note an increase even if this particular increase annoys you to hell and gone, but what about the decreases? Those things that suddenly start lessening and lessening and eventually disappear such…

Have you played the analysing game?

All you have to do is guess the one who is most likely to blow their top upon reaching the front and then rate their likeliness.

The life of a learner driver… better than 10 toes

After taking countless taxis, moving around with NGL/NDE ten toes and even taking lifts with that creepy uncle that smells of fish oil, one comes to realise its time to get driving. Driving legally of course because while purchasing your license may seem appealing it isn’t when you kill someone or worse get told you…

The weird and wonderful happenings at Condomisation Park

Maybe the soulful noise created at the park is the main attraction. Surely buying 6 by 9 speakers that cost more than the car itself is worth it, if it can create such a beautiful noise that the nearby Police are called to join in.

R49.99 shades of ‘manja’

So with that being said the next time you hear or read about Fifty Shades of Grey pay some thought to R49.99 Shades of Manja.