Council spat continues between IFP, ANC

ANC Councillors in Endumeni should accept their role as an opposition party and they must play a constructive opposition role in the Council for their own sake so that residents can begin to take them seriously.
That is the reaction of Mayor Richard Mbatha and the IFP following a statement issued by the ANC caucus that the ‘marriage of convenience between the IFP and DA is about to implode’.
The ANC said the ‘imminent disintegration of the coalition was evident at a recent protest in Ward 7, Glencoe, against DA Councillor, Dr Sandy Bedassi, by a handful of protesters.
“The ANC had nothing to do with organising that march – it was a disastrous event. We command a sizeable following in ward 7, and had the march been arranged by us there would have been a complete shut-down of the town,” said Chief Whip, Lucky Khumalo.
“The fact is the march was a result of the collapse in relations between the IFP and the DA, with the DA having taken a stand to abstain from voting during council meetings as a sign of protest against corruption and maladministration championed by the IFP. The march was arranged and led by a known IFP member and a close associate of Mayor Mbatha. A request in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act to the Municipality, for access to the application form in terms of which the gathering was applied for, would prove this.”

Lucky Khumalo

He accused the IFP of ‘having absolutely no interest in issues affecting voters and good governance.’
“Following the outcry over recent rates increases, the ANC wrote the Speaker a letter requesting that the council deliberate on this matter to no avail.
We remain committed to clean governance and are unrelenting in our fight against corruption, which is evidenced by the last clean audit report from the Auditor General under our stewardship.” He added that the ANC had submitted several motions to the Speaker dealing with ‘serious allegations of corruption and maladministration, none of these motions have been deliberated on by the council.’
Mr Khumalo said the party had written to the MEC of local government asking for her intervention. “There was an earlier Council resolution calling on COGTA to second an acting municipal manager – three names were sent to the Speaker for the Council to select one but, to date, no council meeting has been held and the Municipality remains without a competent Head of Administration.”
“The ANC has been rejected by the electorate”


Mayor Richard Mbatha


In his reaction, Mayor Mbatha said the ANC’s insinuations are not done in the interest of good governance and service delivery.
“But it is just the reflection of their unwillingness that democracy is gradually flushing out their party as people are becoming disillusioned with their daily told stories of kleptocracy and maladministration in the majority of places where the ANC governs.
“The ANC caucus of Endumeni fails to understand that residents still have a vested trust in the current administration judging from the results of the recent by-elections at Ward 3 in Glencoe on the September 27, where their party was unequivocally rejected by the electorate in favour of the resounding victory by the IFP to continue to lead the co-Governance of Endumeni.
“The ANC Councillors disrupted the meeting on June 30 where their motions were tabled for discussion. The motion could not be discussed as the meeting had to be adjourned as a result of their disruptive behaviour during the proceedings, despite countless reprimands from the Speaker. These Councillors cannot conduct themselves in line with the Standing Rules of Order and even the MEC’s Office is aware of that fact.
“Again, on July 26, the ANC Councillors walked out of the full Council meeting which had these motions as part of the agenda. We call upon the ANC Councillors of Endumeni to accept that they must play a constructive opposition role in the Council.
“As a Co-Governance Administration, we commit ourselves to serve our community no matter what the enemies of Service Delivery do to disrupt the constitutional mandate. We commit to serve our residents even in the face of the friends of corruption who cannot withstand the reality of being led. ANC Councillors have demonstrated beyond doubt that they undermine the will of our people. Their arrogance shall not triumph.”

Terry Worley

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