LETTER – ‘Exorbitant rates increases will kill us’

Following the front-page exposè by the Courier on the rates increase outrage and the promise for the Council to probe the massive increases, there has been no response at all from the powers that be.
However, what I did see in last week’s Courier was a whole bunch of very highly paid jobs advertised.

This is worrying and definitely empire building by the municipality.
Inflated salaries for pals (no doubt) and our rates go up – in my case from R11 000 to R27 000 a month. But to get the municipality to fix a street light, what a mission, to collect refuse, what a mission.
Come on guys, do the right thing. You said Trust Us in 2016. I can’t – you are now killing the golden goose with these exorbitant increases.

Remember not everyone works at the municipality where the salaries are excessive compared to the private sector. Do the right thing and get working to cut out the fat.

Dundee will be a ghost town very soon.
Ghost Writer but out of pocket


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