Methodist Church to host musical festival

You can still be a part of the Dundee Music Festival.

The Dundee Choir Festival still promises to be a musical feast, despite the absence of many choirs.
Hosted by the Dundee Methodist Church, the festival was set to feature numerous choirs from in and around the area.
However, with many of them not being able to attend, the organising committee had to change things up a bit.
The festival will still go ahead, however, this time it’s open to any musical or entertainment acts. Wesley Pillay, Minister at the Methodist Church said that they’re hoping to bring together a diverse group of people by uniting them through music. The festival is open to local artists and entertainers who want to perform as well as local celebs. There are also stalls available, and people are encouraged to book a space now. For more information, or, if you would like to perform at the festival, contact Wesley Pillay on 082 421 9029.

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