Endumeni Council again fails to sit as ANC walks out again…

The Endumeni Council failed to sit again this morning for possibly a record fifth time.
The ANC again walked out of the meeting after accusing IFP Speaker, Bongiwe Mbatha-Makathini of not following the standing orders of Council.
The meeting started in a genial fashion with Councillors from all parties greeting each other and sharing jokes.
The first squabble was over the Integrated Development Plan, IDP, which was passed at the last meeting which also ended in disarray.
Speaker Mbatha-Makathini said the IDP – which works hand in hand with the budget – was proposed and seconded. The ANC’s Councillor Mdluli said he had made a counter proposal not to accept the IDP.
A debate ensured with numerous interruptions and points of order until Councillor Raubenheimer suggested that because of the confusion at the last meeting the Council vote again to accept or decline the IDP.
This was done and a show of hands saw the IDP being accepted by six votes to five. The ANC’s Councillor Makhaba was again absent.
The meeting then got under way but it was short-lived. The ANC’s Councillor Xaba was soon on his feet again requesting that the Council debate the motions tabled by the ANC in February – including the motion of no confidence in the Mayor.

Endumeni Council can’t come to a conclusion:

Speaker Mbatha-Makathini explained as she did last time that the time to discuss the motions will come but the Council will have to follow the agenda. Councillor Mdluli wanted his objections to the IDP noted. Again, there were more interruptions with Speaker Mbatha-Makathini threatening to have him removed.
She accused the ANC of not wanting service delivery following which the five ANC Councillors walked out with Councillor Mdluli delivering a parting shot that the minutes will be cooked.
Speaker Mbatha-Makathini took exception to that but by then the meeting had to end as there was no quorum.

Speaker has the final say:

Siphiwe Ngwenya

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