Memories will always keep us together, says retired school teacher, Ruth Malan

Going places... Ruth Malan

Moving to a bigger city, Gauteng… what’s there to miss about our small town Dundee? “The people, the mountains, the loving community and of course the early morning fresh breeze.” That’s the immediate response from Ruth Malan who, after four decades of teaching in the area is moving to Meyerton, Gauteng.
An over-passionate teacher, a mother and a caregiver, Mrs Malan (68), was born and raised in Paulpietersburg, near Vryheid. She schooled there and trained in Pretoria as a teacher in the early 1970s. Mrs Malan taught at a school in Pretoria before being transferred to a German school in Harburg, in the Wartburg area.
As a young lady, she found love and married her late husband, Manie Malan, at the end of 1972. “We shared an agape love throughout our marriage. Agape is a sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience, discomfort, and even death for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return,” said Mrs Malan as she wandered down memory lane. Manie was a policeman of reserved character who loved his job.

“I am an open book and I love people. During my teaching career I met so many parents and taught so many children,” 

“We would have been celebrating our 45th anniversary this year, but sadly he passed away three years ago and I have never remarried.” Mrs Malan and her husband moved to Glencoe in 1975 and they stayed in the same house, in which they raised their three children, for 42 years.

“I have so many memories of this town and the people that I have met over the years,” she told the Courier. As a God-fearing woman, Mrs Malan has always been involved in church groups and the community. She strongly believes in putting one’s best foot forward in order to reap success.
A mother of three, with five grandchildren, Mrs Malan has always had a soft spot for children, that’s why she taught at junior level at Glencoe Primary, Biggersburg and Uelzen Schools where she was much loved and respected by pupils and her colleagues.

“I am an open book and I love people. During my teaching career I met so many parents and taught so many children,” said Mrs Malan, “the most rewarding news is when you meet or hear what some of your ex-pupils have achieved.”
Mrs Malan also enjoys crocheting, fabric painting, and wood carving in her free time. She is seeking new adventures by moving to Gauteng. “I am a busy bee and can’t sit still for too long so I think I will still work for the Department if the opportunity arises. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Glencoe and Dundee community for the love and care that they have shown me, I will miss this place.”

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