Preshu Singh again in the thick of the action as armed robbers are apprehended

Preshu Singh and three others sprung into action this evening to chase and bring to book four armed men who had earlier held staff at gunpoint at Hola Fashion Shop on the corner Victoria and Willson Streets.

Preshu spotted a gold Polo car racing down Willson Street at around 5.30pm.  Seeing the commotion on the corner, he gave chase with a security guard from Qomfuka Security jumping in to his vehicle to assist.

The chase continued towards the bridge on the Helpmekaar road where Preshu’s vehicle managed to cut off the Polo.  The armed men were apprehended.  They were found in possession of cable ties which probably would have been used to tie up their victims in the shop.

Why the robbers’ getaway car did not stand a chance against King of Spin, Preshu:

Preshu spins a web around Vuy

Preshu spins into TV stardom

The men were transported back to the Hola Fashion Shop and transferred to a waiting police van.  Hordes of people, gathered to watch the movie-like drama. surrounded the police van and banged on the caged cab, jeering the robbers.  Police whisked away the suspects to the police station for questioning.  It was not immediately clear if any cash was found in the getaway car.

Earlier, witnesses said the men armed men had stormed into the shop, arrogantly getting out of a black vehicle which had stopped on the Victoria/Willson Street intersection and pointing a firearm at vehicles stopped at the traffic light.  The men fled after apparently robbing the shop and it was first thought that two other gunmen were still in the shop after the getaway car had sped off. However, this proved to be untrue.

A large chattering crowd gathered some of whom openly drank quarts of beer while police and guards rushed in and out of the Hola Fashion Shop.  Staff at the Ethiopian-owned shop were traumatised and not wish to speak to the media.  Police said further details would be released later. A big thumbs up to Preshu and his team and the hard working police officers and security guards on the scene who risked their lives too!



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