Another heated Council meeting expected next week as ANC tables ‘anti-corruption’ motions

Former Speaker Mdluli.

Fireworks are expected at Tuesday’s Council meeting where the ANC has tabled motions to root out what the party says is ‘mayhem and rampant corruption that has made the Council dysfunctional all in the name of the DA, IFP and EFF coalition’.
Siduduzo Mdluli, speaking on behalf of the Endumeni ANC caucus, said the party stands firm that the decision to bring back previously suspended municipal manager, TP Biyela, ‘was irrational’.
Mr Biyela has been back in the seat for about a month after he was suspended on full pay for around three years. ‘Mr Biyela’s disciplinary hearing was close completion wherein our attorneys had closed our case. We voted against the decision to bring that him and reaffirm our commitment to rooting out fraud and corruption that is currently occurring at Endumeni Municipality under the rule of the DA, IFP and EFF coalition.”
Councillor Mdluli said residents would remember the ‘dark clouds that hung over the municipality in 2013/14 ‘following the inquorated Council meeting that brought back Mr Biyela after he was suspended for the first time.
“The municipality was plunged into a state of paralysis as was characterised by unethical deeds of incompetent management. The rabble-rousers resorted to accosting and assaulting anyone who stood opposed to their malicious deeds and irregular practices. These same people were responsible for assaults against senior COGTA officials delegated by MEC and the erstwhile acting municipal manager Adv Brijraj.”

Councillor Mdluli said Endumeni ‘was now again experiencing mayhem’  and was controlled by a Troika which ‘includes an IFP bigwig.’

He further alleged that the Bid Adjudication Committee, that awards lucrative tenders to service providers, had now been changed and manipulated and controlled to ensure tenders are given ‘to political connections and cronies’.

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“We further understand that legally awarded bids are now being terminated and withdrawn to ensure that the very same bids are awarded to cronies who consist of local individuals and business cronies. The very same business people whom we understand used harassment and force to ensure an agreement was signed to bring the previously suspended Mr. Mabilisa back into the building.”

“These withdrawals of bids shall have far reaching consequences as civil claims and interdicts may be filed against the municipality as a result of irrational actions.”

Councillor Mdluli said ‘a politically motivated appointment in the Mayor’s office, a Mr Mosia, was now also serving on the bid committee which is illegal as that person is yet to serve his probation period and ‘now he suddenly chairs the committee that awards bids’.

‘Staff moved out to ensure that the way is paved to give tenders to connections’

Councillor Mdluli added that ‘ the Supply Chain Manager in the municipality was also being dealt with by the troika to pave the way for more unscruplous deeds’.
“That manager is being moved to the warehouse to make sure she is not a hindrance.
“The ANC has submitted motions for the next ordinary sitting of Council wherein we deal decisively with fraud and corruption and irregular activities that are rife at the municipality, being S & T Fraud by the Mayor, the irregular upliftment of suspension of T.P Biyela.
“We as the ANC will stand firm against fraud and corruption and we want the public to watch this space and see what the coalition partners do in this regard. Will the DA and EFF also help their co-governance partners and cover up the corruption or will they stand true to their motto and expose the wrong doings, we shall see.”


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