Dannhauser hospital to open in April

Dannhauser’s soon-to-be-opened Community Health Centre (CHC) is 90% complete, and plans to open in April this year are still on track.
Site Agent Fritz Roux said that they are pleased with how construction has progressed so far.
The majority of the buildings have already been erected and the insides completed. Landscaping is currently underway, with grass being planted in areas and the curbing already being complete. Tarring of the roads is to start in the next two weeks, and water connections and sewerage system will be fitted soon.
The CHC will be a major boost to the town of Dannhauser, and will include a mortuary, ambulance base and radiology department, among others. The X-ray machine has already been delivered to the site.
With doctors and nurses having their own beautiful accommodation on the premises, and features to cater for every need of the community, the CHC is truly impressive.
Equally impressive are the safety standards achieved by constructors. Averaging 98% for safety standards, they have reached 100% at times, a feat unheard of at construction sites.
With April around the corner residents will soon have no reason to fret, thanks to the new CHC in town.

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