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All the friendly animals at the Dundee SPCA want, is to find their forever homes. The Furry Friends Club aims to help find a loving home for the amazing animals at the SPCA. If you would like to adopt one of the furry friends, contact them on 072 949 6235 or 034 212 2851.

Maddie and Jay will make your day

There's are plenty of adorable animals looking for homes at the SPCA

Chrystal will add a sparkle to your life

If you would like to adopt one of the Furry Friends, contact the SPCA on 072 949 6235 or 034 212 2851

A treasure trove of treats at the SPCA Jumble Sale

Get down to the Boulevard Centre before it's too late

DON’T FORGET: The SPCA Jumble Sale

Don't miss out on the specials in store

Are you feline the love for KitKat?

KitKat would fit purrfectly in your family

Donna the Jack Russel is looking for a home

Donna is adorable and available for adoption

Support the SPCA’s Jumble Sale

So turn your 'trash' into someone's 'treasure' by donating it to the jumble sale

R1 000 offered for Rambo’s safe return

The adorable Yorkie puppy went missing from Hardy Street

Can you help find Prinses the cat?

Please help owners find Prinses