Don’t just complain about the trash, do something about it #stopcomplaining!

You can always count on Twitter for controversy.

There’s always a hashtag doing the rounds that ruffles someone’s feathers and gets everyone up in arms. Even those whom it isn’t about, will find something offensive in it.
Mind you, it’s not hard to upset people nowadays.

Everyone takes offence to everything. It’s like no one has a sense of humour anymore or has an open-minded approach to anything. Immediately knives and daggers are pulled out, rants aired on social media and feelings hurt. Going back to Twitter though, the recent hashtag that caused quite a stir was #menaretrash. The hashtag started following the death of Karabo Mokoena, who was murdered by her boyfriend. Women used the hashtag to spread their stories of abuse at the hands of their partners.

However, and not surprisingly, men who are not guilty of abuse and victimising their partners have also taken offence to the hashtag. But why take offence to something that isn’t about you? In all honesty, it’s not only men that are trash, women are trash too, in fact humans are trash.
And no, I’m not referring to the human race as a whole. I’m talking about those individuals who do trashy things.

Those who shoot defenceless animals with pellet guns or those who throw their litter out of the windows of their vehicles because they’re ‘creating job employment.’
Those who cheat on their partners instead of having the decency to be honest and upfront or those who steal the poor tax payer’s money for their own gains. Those who murder and rape, who put a person down to lift themselves up and those who will smile to your face and stab you in the back.

The trashiest thing you can do though is replying with the letter ‘K’ after someone sends you a long message. Really?
You couldn’t say ‘ok’ or even ‘okay’. Would it have killed you to add more letters or form a proper sentence? Yes, the world is full of trashy people doing trashy things, but if you can’t beat them, you don’t have to join them.
There is hope yet for the human race and it just requires us to be kind, be considerate and stand together to make a difference. All it takes is one act of kindness to create a snowball effect and make a change.

As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.” So be that change, make a difference and stop taking offence to things that don’t concern you.

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